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Windscreen wiper blades

Did you know windscreen wiper blades need to be changed regularly? You’ll be surprised at the difference it can make when driving in wet weather.

As windscreen wipers are continually exposed to heat, frost, dirt, insects and other airborne objects, the blades deteriorate over time and lose their effectiveness. If yours are squeaking, skipping or leaving streaks then it is time to have them replaced.

It is imperative to have a clear and unimpeded view when driving which is why it’s important to maintain and replace your wipers regularly. A high percentage of driving decisions are made based on what a driver can see. If your visibility is impaired due to your wipers not working properly, driving can be more dangerous.

Replacement windscreen wiper blades can be purchased from your local Smith&Smith® branch or simply ask one our experts to replace your wipers next time your glass is repaired or replaced.

Why choose Smith&Smith®

We recycle more glass than any other repairer. Our workmanship on glass installations is guaranteed for the lifetime of your vehicle and we have over 7,000 customer reviews so you know you can trust us.

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