Blog articles / 18 July 2021

Exciting new products available in our branches this month!

This month, a few new products arrived in our branches, just in time before the heavy rain really hits. Both are designed to keep our customers safer on the roads by improving visibility on those wet and stormy days ahead.

The first product, Rain Repellent, does exactly what the name suggests, it repels the rain in wet weather conditions. When driving over 70km/hr, the coating causes the rain to bead up and roll off the windscreen, enhancing driver visibility by more than 30%! Not only that, it helps prevent ice from sticking to your windscreen allowing for easier removal of frost and ice. It also makes removal of bugs easier and prevents bugs from sticking to the windscreen while you’re driving. Your wipers can last longer when used with it and it can last up to 3 months depending on the environment and driving conditions. With an application time of under 10 minutes, it’s a quick and easy service our technicians can add onto a windscreen repair or replacement.

The second product, is our industrial strength cleaning agent, Hi-Sheen®. It’s streak free, making it easier to wipe away dirt, fingerprints, grease and smudges. This is a product for customers to purchase at their local Smith&Smith® branch and while we love how effective it is on windscreens, as a glass-industry specialist product, it can also be used at home on windows, mirrors, and other glass surfaces!